Your Guide to Schindler's Museum Exhibitions in 2023

Schindler's Factory is a historical landmark in the city of Krakow. Once a site where the lives of around 1,200 Jews were saved, the factory was turned into a museum open to the public in 2010. You will find permanent and temporary exhibitions being held inside Schindler's museum that paint a picture of Krakow during the Nazi occupation and the wartime fate of Krakow citizens. Read on to know more about the exhibitions held at Schindler's Factory before you plan your visit.

Kraków under Nazi occupation 1939–1945

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What to expect
schindler's factory in krakow

Type of Exhibition: Permanent Exhibition
Exhibition Curator: Monika Bednarek
Location: Former administrative building of Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory at 4, Lipowa Street

Ticket prices for the exhibition
  • Regular fare - 28.00 złoty
  • Concessionary fare - 24.00 złoty
  • Family fare - 56.00 złoty
  • Group fare - 24.00 złoty
  • Concessionary prices for a group - 22.00 złoty
  • Monday - 10:00 - 14:00
  • Tuesday - Sunday - 10:00 - 18:00
  • Schindler's museum is closed on the first Tuesday of each month.
  • The permanent exhibition is free of charge on Mondays. However, the tickets are limited and they can be reserved online in advance.
Oskar Schindler’s desk and the tinware sarcophagus at schindler's factory
  • The exhibition primarily tells the story of Krakow and its Polish and Jewish inhabitants during the second world war. It also presents an account of how Nazi Germans cruelly disrupted Kraków’s long-standing history of Polish-Jewish relations.
  • The permanent exhibition, 'Krakow - during the occupation 1939-1945', depicts the history of Krakow and its Polish and Jewish residents during World War II, using everyday objects, newspapers, personal documents, and other artifacts. 
  • Oskar Schindler’s heroic attitude is accurately presented in his former office. This historic room can be found inside Schindler's factory’s administrative building and it has been kept intact throughout the years.
  • The centerpiece is a sculptural "Survivors' Ark" made of more than a thousand enameled pots, quite like the ones that were produced by Schindler's factory workers during the war.
a representational tram at schindler's factory
  • The historic city space of Krakow is reconstructed theatrically and is put in juxtaposition with sculptural installations that symbolically represent the city's wartime history.
  • You, as the spectator, get to wander through the constructed city - walk through the cobbled streets, step into a hair salon recreated to embrace the look and feel of war-time Krakow, and board a tram that takes you on a ride through the city. Here, a documentary showcasing everyday life is depicted through the window screen of the tram. Immerse yourself in the scenes of a typical Jewish apartment, the streets of the Ghetto, and the Płaszów camp.
  • The 45 exhibition rooms in the Schindler's museum exhibition have been utilized to offer visitors a tangible knowledge of Kraków's history, allowing them to feel and experience the pain and suffering of the city's war-time inhabitants.

Parting – searching. Wartime fate of Krakow’s inhabitants

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oskar schindler's factory museum

Type of Exhibition: Temporary Exhibition
Exhibition Curator: Bartosz Heksel
Exhibition Dates: May 05th, 2021 - September 18th, 2022
Location: Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory at 4, Lipowa Street

Ticket prices for the exhibition
  • Regular fare - 14.00 złoty
  • Reduced fare - 10.00 złoty
  • Family fare - 28.00 złoty
  • Group fare - 10.00 złoty
  • Reduced prices for a group - 9.00 złoty
  • Monday - 10 AM - 2 PM
  • Tuesday - Sunday - 10 AM - 6 PM
  • Schindler's Factory is closed on the first Tuesday of each month.
schindler's factory interiors
  • This temporary exhibition at Schindler's museum provides a perspective on World War II in Krakow from the erstwhile citizens' viewpoint.
  • The exhibition consists of six distinct parts that are divided thematically. It appears as if there are several separate tales being told due to the various components.
  • The outbreak of war and the fate of soldiers, deportation of civilians to the East, the Katyn massacre, German occupation terror, and forced labor for Germany are all addressed in individual segments.
  • The collection includes several unique museum pieces, accompanied by testimonies of eye-witnesses, photographs, records, and letters.

How to attend Schindler's Museum exhibitions?

Schindler's Museum is a ticketed attraction. In order to be able to view the exhibitions inside Schindler's Factory, you would need to purchase your tickets. Schindler's Factory tickets need to be purchased at least four days in advance from the date you plan to visit on. The best and most efficient way to buy tickets to Schindler's museum is to purchase them online from the comfort of your home.